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2016. Time to start blogging again

It has been 4 years since my last post. The Earth still rotates itself from the West towards East and travels around the Sun but this world has been changing a lot within 4 years.

I started this blog from August 2008 when I was 21, an undergraduate student who was eager to learn and explore this world through the Internet. Since then, I have about more than 100 posts and they are mostly in Technology category.

Play with the moon

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During my graduation school, I only focused on paper works and research. That was a really tough time since I had to spend whole time of a single day to go in depth into topic of research as well as to publish enough publications for my graduation. As a result, this blog was like in Ice Age time period 😆 but the good thing is, I have never put it down since 2008. You can find out my very first post (probably at the same time as mammoth’s birth) up to now.

This world changes, so do I. From now on, I am planning to blog more frequently. And the topics, of course, will be mainly (90%) in Tech’s topics such as Cloud Computing, Big-data analysis and Programming; the remaining 10% of posts are for personal stuff and some shite. :mrgreen:

It’s time to start blogging again.

Video: Steve Ballmer at Hanoi University of Technology

During his short visit on May 24, Steve Ballmer witnessed the signing ceremony of a memorandum of understanding on cloud computing between Microsoft Vietnam with FPT and talked with students of the Hanoi University of Technology.

Choosing Vietnam as the first stop on his Asian tour, Ballmer introduced cloud computing and Microsoft Office 2010, SharePoint 2010, Visio 2010 and Project 2010 to Vietnamese businesses on the morning of May 24 in Hanoi. He talked with more than 1000 students from the Hanoi University of Technology about the future of IT industry in the afternoon. Continue Reading

Ấn tượng Office "đám mây" và Office 2010

Không lâu sau khi những thông tin đầu tiên của “bom tấn” Chrome OS xuất hiện, người dùng lại được chào đóng một “hàng khủng”: Office Web Applications và Office 2010.

Office Web Applications, bộ ứng dụng văn phòng trên nền web cùng với Office 2010 beta sẽ là nhũng vũ khí “thượng thặng” của Microsoft để đáp trả Google.

Excel trên web

Excel trên web

Neowin đưa tin, gã khổng lồ xứ Redmond sẽ ra mắt 2 ứng dụng mới vào Hội nghị thường niên với đối tác toàn cầu MWWPC 2009, tổ chức ở New Orleans vào thứ Hai 13-07.
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