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Docker, its advantages and security issues

Recently, Cloud computing represents an attractive and cost-efficient of server-based computing and application service provider model. Virtualization technology not only enables Cloud providers dynamically allocate resources based on workload fluctuations from users’ needs but also makes the cloud data-center more agile, manageable, cloud friendly and application friendly. However, virtualization has overheads of the guest operating system, costly licensing for virtualization software, configuration and administration time, etc. Docker, as a solution, is emerging in the technology circles and is rapidly gaining mind-share from researchers, developers, startups and IT organizations. As a matter of fact, Microsoft, Google and Amazon Web Services are all adapting Docker’s approaches so as to provide their services more efficient, and to scale their resource workloads ever-higher to cloud customers.
In this post, we study about what Docker really is, how it works, its run-time, orchestration and then discuss about Docker’s advantages, disadvantages. We will go to an end with Docker security in Cloud environment perspective.
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