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Leaked pics and specs of HTC HD3. One word: stunning

This rather large beauty is the HTC HD3, a huge new smartphone from HTC that doesn’t just follow on from the HTC HD2, it blows it and every other smartphone on the market clean out of the water!

The HD3 looks set to come with Windows Phone 7 Series, which is a big deal in itself. But it’s the amazing list of features that HTC have managed to cram into the HD3 that is so jaw dropping.

Seriously, think of any hardware feature or spec you’d like to see in your dream phone, and the HD3 has it – in spades! Add to that the tasty novelty of being one of the first Windows Phone 7 Series phones, and the HD3 looks set to be one of the most anticipated phones of the year.

Don’t believe me? Check out the HTC HD3’s specifications after the jump. Continue Reading