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[Tutorial] Using Gmail to send email, SMTP approach for Xenforo forum

In this tutorial, we are going to use Google Email account to send email such as activation email to users. Google limits emails for its free accounts to 500 emails through SMTP server per day, so unless you are using XenForo to send marketing emails to vast amount of your members this approach will be a good choice to overcome the hosting/server spam protection policy, server maintaining and much more.

Let’s get started.

1. Enable less secure app access to your account
Navigate to Less Secure App Access option. Enable it.

2. Set up your 2-step Verification
Head to 2-step Verification to add extra layer of security to this account.

3. Add your app password
Select Signing in to Google option in left menu then click App passwords. Select Other (Custom name) in drop-down list and give it a name, “MyForum-XEN” for instance.

Google then generates for you an app password contains 16 characters, save it for AdminCP configuration step below.

4. Xenforo Forum – Admin CP Email Option configuration
At this step, we have to manually configure SMTP in Email option from Admin Control Panel.

Enter your email and password from previous steps. Make sure to input exactly “” and “465” as port in SMTP box and SSL encryption is checked. Save it and you’re done.

Keep in mind that this is only to send notifications, activation email for approvals, I do not recommend you try to use this in order to spam bulk of emails via Google servers. If your need more than that please invest in some Email solutions or continue using current approach, an email troubleshooting guide can help.