The Microsoft Desktop Player is Launched

This player delivers contextual technical content (Webcasts, podcasts, white papers) aggregated across Microsoft assets that are relevant to the IT Pro adoption lifecycle. In addition, it also provides links to  local resources and news for the Developers and IT Pros based on their local settings, helping to drive the local engagement/relationship.

“How it works”

  • Offline and Online Player showcasing the power of Microsoft Platform choice via both in browser and out of browser experiences.
  • Contextual relevant content surfaced depending on IT Adoption Lifecycle by selecting the right filters.
  • Local ITE and DE connection – The player surfaces your local DE or ITE based on the user profile.
  • MSDN and TechNet Events integration,
  • Local Community events integration.
  • Local CPLS integration to find the best place to get your Microsoft Training.
  • Native integration with MSDN and TechNet sites to drive repeat traffic.
  • Integration with US CMG Content repository (by May 1st ).



Downloadable version:

So, what do you think ?